Dua to Stop Divorce 5/5 (4)

Dua to Stop Divorce

Marriage is a very beautiful and special relationship of this world. It’s a way to get happiness for lifetime. That was a pak relationship. Dua to stop divorce is a much better way to bring happiness in your married life. But some couples did not know that how to handle the difficulties in their relationship.

One of them means husband or wife sometimes try to end all the missunderstandings but they can not be successful in this.

Divorce happen when a couple do not want to live together. They can not handle each other in a right way. If your husband or your wife also want to give you divorce but you don’t want that. So now this dua to stop divorce will help you. It will give a better way to your married life and then your husband or wife will change his/her mind for divorce decision. Divorce will only make depression and so much guilty in your life.

It makes your life like a hell. Divorce is not an easy decision. So think one more time and try to stop it. Because after divorce you can not get the second chance to make your married life successful.


In islam you can get solution of every problem. Because islam is a best majhab. In islam we have so much pak ways to get rid from all problems. divorce is the biggest problem for married couples. The couples who have so much fights and disputes they decide to make divorce. But if its been one side divorce then the situation will be complicated. If wife do not wants to give divorce to her husband or husband do want to get divorce from her life. Then they feel very sad for their relationship that how he/she can do this.

Because that’s not that much easy to leave each other and start from beggning. Islamic dua to stop divorce will helps you to make your partner think again about this point of divorce. After positive effect of this dua your husband or your wife who wants divorce now, he/she changes his mind and cancel this divorce. If you are also faced this typical situation that your husband or wife wants divorce from you but you did not want that happen. Because you still loves your husband/wife. So this dua can change your life and gives you real result in few hours only. After read this dua you will get a positive power of everything and allah tala will bless you. Then you can cancel this divorce from your partner’s side.


This special dua is made for the people who wants a dua to prevent divorce. The people who search about the dua to stop divorce. Now we gonna give you an amazing dua and you can prevent your divorce from help of that dua to stop divorce. Its really been helpful for so much couples who wants to save their marriage lifes.

If your read this dua with keep faith for allah in your heart. We can give you gurentee that in some days you can feel the changes like your relationship will be better, your partner gives you more time and value, your fights will be ends and missunderstanding clear automatically. So now no need to suffer with this problem anymore. because now you have that islamic dua to prevent your divorce. If you don’t want to happen this divorce then you have the right thinking and you know the importance of a married life. There was so much negetive reasons that couples want divorce from each other but they can trun into positive and this dua to stop divorce can make your marriage life happily again.


Marriage is a beautiful relationship of couples that based on mutual love and understanding. But when the love and care ends and missunderstanding starts in both. Then they can not handle each other together. So then they find a way of divorce. Divorce is such a bad thing for both of yours life. If one of them try to stop that divorce then its possible to cancel it and start again your married life together. Sometimes couples thinks that divorce is only the solution for get peace and positiveness again in life.

But believe us that’s not that much easy. After divorce its not easy to find someone and start again. If you try you can make a change into your husband or wife’s behaviour. Dua is a strongest, holy and trusted way for people to prevent or cancel their divorce.

Dua to stop divorce in islam is a gift from allah tala for helping the couple who are stuck in this situation. The most noticed thing that if you guys have kids, then its put the very bad and negetive effect on childrens. Because every child wants both for his future mom and dad. They can not choose the one from them. So just think again for your child and try to clear all your missunderstandings. If your husband or your wife does not wants to listen you anymore and he really wants the divorce but you don’t . then this islamic dua to stop divorce is being a superpower for you.


If your husband needs quick divorce from you and you don’t want that happen. Then this dua to stop divorce by husband’s side will helps you to change your husband’s mind. This dua will remove all the negetivity from his mind and it will makes him a thinking again about this decision. After read this dua you can feel the positive changes in him. This dua will make your husband thinking about you. He will miss you and he understand your value. He will understand the value of a marriage. This dua to stop divorce will makes him loves to you and he can never thinks about divorce. So why you waiting, just consult our molana sahab and ask them in detail about this dua and save your marriage life.

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Dua For Husband Listen To Wife 5/5 (11)

Dua for Husband listen to wife-If you are married and your husband is not listen to you. He is not caring you like before. Never giving any attention to you. You being very sad and have a big depression because of your husband’s behaviour.  So now you will get a defenatly solution of all problem that you faced because of your husband. When you read this amazing dua for husband to listen wife you can feel the good changes in your husband. While you read this dua, keep faith in your heart that allah will hear all your prayer and fulfill your all wishes.

Dua for Husband Listen

For having a successful married life this dua for husband was really been helpful for you. Its giving you a positive result in your husband’s love. Every husband and wife have dispute in their relationship but they can’t live without each other. But sometimes husbands do not care their wifes. They been so rude and angry all the time.

Then wifes been so sad and crying all the time because of their husband’s these type of behaviour. Wifes try everything that her husband be normal again. Because every wife wants that his husband should be very humble with her and giving true love to her from the bottom of his heart. But because of some missunderstanding and disputes the love ends and problem starts. So dua for husband listen to wife can help you and make your husband listen your talks and you will get proper respect and love from him.

Islamic dua for Husband Listen to me

There was so much ways in islam to make a relationship good and lovely. Islamic dua for husband listen to wife is one of them. Dua for husband listen to wife and get love from husband is such a powerful and good way to make every husband obiedent. Islamic dua have the power to change your husband’s mind and make him good. Every husband and wife have small fights in their relationships but sometimes the husband get very angry and he don’t talk with wife and disrespect her. This is the reason behind every wife’s sadness and depression.

Dua for Husband Wife Relation

Wedding is a relationship of trust, love and respect of each other. Sometimes because of a small miss understanding the relationship will ends. Then after this your husband will ignore and not giving any attention to you. Then you feel very embarrassing. Some muslim countries are male dominating countries. They thinks that environment and every relationship going to according male’s thinking. That’s why ladies faced so much difficulties in their realtionships. In those countries people does not give proper respect and attention to females. Ladies and girls don’t have so much liberty.

If you also have this bad situation that your husband does not listen your words. He did not give proper attention to you. He did not loves you anymore. So now allah gives you right way to make your husband loves you. This dua have the ruhani powers, its been so much powerful dua to show effect in husband and wife’s relationship. This dua have the qurani ayats and that’s been so amazing in shohar and wife’s relationship. Do that dua at your home and keep faith in your mind for allah that allah’s powers helps you and make your marriage relationship very fantastic.

Read this “Darood E-Ibraahim” wazaif eleven times.

Recite that (Ya Waaliyo) dua one thousand times for five days.


dua for make your husband Loves You-Our muslim men have a bad thinking in their mind that they can’t do anything wrong means whatever they do everything was fine. They have a attitude that his wife will follow his all rules, give them what they demands and do everything what they want, that’s the thing that every husband wants from his wife. But they don’t focus on their own behaviour.

They did not care that what a wife need from husband. Every wife wants that his husband should loves her, take care of her and live happily with her. That’s the simple and small wishes that every wife have. But their husband can not complete their these small wishes only. So if you are also one of them wifes who did not get anything good from their husband. Then its time to change his mind and make him giving you everything that you need.

How Dua can Make Husband To Listen Wife

From this powerful Dua For Husband Listen To Wife you can remove his bad activities and make him honest in your love. Our molana sahab can give you the proper solution of your all problems. If your husband have a extra affair with any other girl or lady and he did not give any love or attention to you then our molana sahab can give you the better solution of your husband related problems.

So now keep patience and talk to our molana sahab they will give you quick solution of your husband related problems. molana shahab will break down his ego and make him a gentle man. After getting solution from molana sahab you can feel the changes in your husband in just few hours. This islamic dua is really effective result. Our molana sahab make this dua for husband to listen his wife for married ladies who are not happy with their married life. This dua have the power to change your husband’s mind. He can not live without you and being crazy in your love after perform this dua.

Dua for Husband Back in Life

To all our sisters, we want to give you this dua as a gift. You will be very thankful to us after get the amazing result of this dua. Your husband suddenly changes into good and humble. He have also good feelings for you when you perform this dua. This dua is a way to send your requests direct to allah tala. Allah tala can help you. Because allah is the biggest power in this world to anything. This qurani dua will create so much love for you in your husband’s heart. So now do not waste your time and don’t be sad anymore. If you want to know something in detail about this dua then you can contact our molana sahab anytime.

Allah hafiz

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Dua for Attract Someone in Love 5/5 (15)

Dua for attract someone in Love –Do you love someone do you miss someone badly did you feel that you never get any true love. So if you ever feel lonely and you want someone who gives you so much love you need someone who cares for you. So if you have any problem like this and you wants to attract someone in your love then we will help you according to our islamic solution dua for attract someone in love is a very amazing and powerful thing in islam dua is like a power that we can get anything.

Powerfull Dua for Attract Someone in Love

Islamic  qurani dua is a very old and trusted way dua for attract someone in love.

if you love someone and you want the same love from him / her. Then no matter that was a boy or girl man or women old or young this. Dua for attract boyfriend in your love can make him fell in love with you there was nothing side effect of islamic dua for attract someone in love.

Islamic Dua for Love

Molvi ji can give you a good and effective dua according to your situation of problem that dua, will be really help you so much the result of islamic dua is stays for life time. If you do this dua with proper believe then surely you can get positive result from the person you want to attract. You can get the love of your dream boy, or dream girl, the person you thinks about all the time and you have a dream person in your thoughts that you want to spend your life or the good time with him/her then that dua. Will be very helpful for you in this situation you can get your desire person in reality of your life so the whole process of read this dua and the rules are here.

How to Do Dua for Attract Someone in Love

  1. You should starting read this dua on jummah ( Friday ).
  2. The timing of read that dua is after magreeb namaz.
  3. Be assure that you are in paak condition.
  4. Keep your cloth clean when you read that dua.
  5. Never drink when you read that dua that was haraam in islam.
  6. The dua is “ bismillah ya wa rahmudullah wa kareem ya allah inna allah yasemmeno”.
  7. Keep your desire person’s face in your mind, when you read this dua.
  8. After read this dua keep faith in your heart that allah will make him/her loves you.
  9. If any lady or girl have periods time then they should’t read thid dua on that time.

Dua for attract someone You Love

Dua for attract someone is the very easy and simple halal way of islam to fulfill your dreams of get someone. As you know that love is the amazing feeling of allah tala. So everyone should live that great feeling of love in this world every normal human wants a partner, who loves them cares them and give them all the happiness of a good relationship. Dua for attract boyfriend you love will help you to find out the way to control that person in a right way .

Powerfull Dua for Boyfriend in Love

Dua for attract boyfriend in love will be so much helpful for achieve your target of getting someone you love. There was nothing side effect of that dua. Dua for attraction is extremely make someone falling in love with you That’s not just helps you for attraction only, that’s dua was very useful to make someone respect you, cares you and loves you  Dua have the power of connection direct to allah. When you read that islamic dua beasure that your have faith in (allah tala) its works same like wazifa and amal. A good dua can change your life. Quranic duas can change your life like a magic. If you really wants the better result from dua. Then just believe in allah and read this and defenatly, you can attract anyone you love.

Dua in islam is been very useful to get someone’s attraction or get love from someone. There was so much benefits of dua. This tested dua gives very quick result to people. If you also wants some benefits from dua in your love life then why you waiting for?  If you are attracted to someone and you wants to attract him/her also. Then dua is the best gift from allah for you. You can get your dream person in real life.

Dua gives amazing result to peoples who wants to get love of someone. People who read this dua they are satisfied in present. This dua to attract someone like if any wife do it for his husband or if a boy did it for a girl. This dua is helps everyone to get real positive results in their relationship. You can complete your relationship goals with this dua. Dua is a mixture of islamic dua. In some duas we read the ayats of quran. Everybody knows the power of holy quran. So now allah tala gives you a proper easy way to attract someone in your love. attract someone mind by dua is a gift that made by qurani ayats and dua for attract someone have the power to send our prayer direct to allah.

Attract boyfriend by Dua

Dua for attract Boyfriend towards you will helps people in every situation. If you lost you love like if you want to attract you ex lover, boyfriend, girlfriend or ex husband/wife. Then the dua is a very big power for you and after use the power of dua you can your ex again in your life. So we want that everybody have the power to make happiness in their life.

If you face any problem while you read this dua or you want to know the rules and condition in more detail. Then you can contact molvi ji any time. They will help you and give you quick solution of your all problems. Do you want maximum effect of islamic dua for attract someone to loves you then you should contact molvi ji they will help you in any situation. This dua have the power to fulfil your dreams.

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Dua for Boyfriend Love Back 5/5 (21)

Love is a beautiful gift of allah. The love between boyfriend and girlfriend is the most beautiful relationship. If you lost your boyfriend’s true love and you wants him back. There was so much powerful ways in islam to get boyfriend’s love back and make him crazy in your love again, And dua is one of them. Dua for boyfriend love back is a very simple and strong way to get your boyfriend back and makes him loves you forever. Misunderstanding is one of the big reason that distroy a relationship. So if you wants a perfect relationship between you and your boyfriend so that dua is being very helpful for you. Dua for boyfriend love back is a much stongest way to get boyfriend’s true love back in life.

Powerfull Dua for Love Back

Almost boys are not so serious about their relationships. Boys are in love with a girl and then they married to another girl. Boys can heal their heart very fast. If your boyfriend or lover also doing like this and he start to ignore you and he does not care about you. If your boyfriend is not listen your talks and not showing interst in you. Then you comes to a right place here we gives you the best solution by dua for boyfriend love back. If your lover was attracted to any another girl or he was in love with any other girl then also in this worst situation dua for boyfriend love back will help you so much. It will bring back your lover or your boyfriend to you in few hours. In some hours you can feel the effect and get positive response from your boyfriend.


If your boyfriend was not serious for you and he don’t give you proper time and respect. If your boyfriend does not loves you like before and you are in depression for that and you miss his old behaviour. So do not worrey here we gives you the right solution according to islam then you can get your boyfriend back in love with you by this simple dua.

After perform this dua you can change his rude behaviour in a sweet and lovely behaviour. If your boyfriend is just playing with your feelings then just keep calm and read that dua. Then his mind will changed and he feel regret for his mistakes and say sorry to you. He will apologize to you. After this dua to make him loves you he will never thinks about hurt you and cares you so much like a good husband and an amazing partner.


So if you have any problem like this with your boyfriend. You can get permanent solution of that here. Some small problems becomes big issues in boyfriend and girlfriend. When both of yours stars was not in a right condition so its compulsary to read this islamic dua. for maintain love in couples. This dua will helps you to maintain the proper love and romance between you and your boyfriend. If your ex boyfriend was very happy in present.

He does not missing you but you missed him so much and you want to get him back fast. So we can give you the fastest way according to islam. This powerful dua for boyfriend will helps you to get back your ex boyfriend or ex lover comes back in your life. And loves you forever. Its very difficult to forget someone who loves you so much in the past but not now. You missing your old days when he cares about you when he talks to you when he loves you so much. If you facing this situation in these days then our islamic dua can change your life completely. From this amazing and helpful dua you can get back your boyfriend’s true love and maintain that love for lifetime.

Islamic Dua for Boyfriend

Our dua is really effective for getting back ex boyfriend’s love. So many people getting quick result from our islamic dua. A small problem and a small fight or dispute can break your relationship and its very hard to comes out. From that problem and make him loves you again. When your relationship is not going good and day by day. You got so many problems from your boyfriend then the break up happens. After break up you did not feel well and you being sad.

If you missing your boyfriend so much and want to be with him again then you allah tala gives you the right way to get him back. The right way is dua for getting ex boyfriend love back. This muslim dua will helps you to get your boyfriend back in your life. It helps you in any situation like if your ex boyfriend does not have any interst in you and now he is in a new relationship with any another girl then also this dua can make him crazy in your love again. Sometimes your relationship ends because of just a small issue. So now he will comes back to you again by this tested islamic dua for get boyfriend love back.

For Know More About How You Get Boyfriend Back

So if you want to know in detail and you have any question for perform this dua. You want to know the rules and condition of this dua. Want to know the right time for reading this dua and if you don’t have time to perform this dua. Then our molvi ji will helps you and give you all the knowledge for getting quick solution from this problem. You can call them and they are also available on what’s app. If you have any question and you have any other relationship problems then just talk to them. They will give you the solution of that and makes your life happy.

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Dua For Love Back 5/5 (30)

Do you ever think that one simple dua can bring your love back to you. There are so much different types of dua in islam. That can help you in different ways. But its compulsary to find the effective one. So now we gonna give you a very easy, short and powerful dua according to islam. These dua was being so helpful for you. We gives you duas according to islam from a pak and halal way. This is most powerful dua for love or lover back and the dua gives you result and makes your life happy. People have so much question about dua for love back. Do u have any question like:-

Which effective dua is helpful to you for love back?
Can I get back my love in less time ?
Is dua for love back are really helpfull ?
Their is any side effect of dua for love back?
Is this dua helpful to bring lover back ?

If you have any questions like this then we will give you the right answer according islam. We can understand you pain of broken heart and lost your lover. Allah gives you the right way to get your lover back according islamic way. That dua will be really helpful for you and bring back your lost love or lover to you. True love is not that much easy and that also very difficult to maintain the love in that relationship and that’s the reason of break up and end the relationship. That’s y its very important to make and maintence the love in that relationship.


Most of people can not understand the signs of real love. First they did not care of their lover or their boyfriend and girlfriend but when break up happens. Then they realise that they, did a big mistake, and then the depression starts when they missing their partner or lover. If you are also one of them. Now we can give you the real and effective solution for bring back your lost love.

Powerful dua for lost love back will help you to bring back lost love. Everyone wants a powerful dua for lost love back and because allah only can help you. So now don’t waste your time and get back your lost love from this powerful dua. Dua will help you and dua have so much powers to bring someone back in a less time. We see that so many people are sad today because of their lost love. They miss their lover all the time and they can not do any work and never be happy. So try to understand the dua rules and believe in the value of dua because that’s the proper pak way to fulfil your all wishes.

How to perform the dua

You should perform that dua after magrib namaz.
Read that in the wuzu halaat.
Be asure that your body and clothes are clean.
First read durood shareef 3 times.
Then read “ ya wadoodoo ya rufoo ya raheemo” 150 times.
When you read this dua you should imagine that your lover is front of your eyes.
Believe in that dua that it will bring back your lost love in 3-5 days.

Islamic dua for love

Now we hope you understood all the rules of reading this amazing dua. Once allah hear your prayer, then you will bring him or her back, permanently for lifetime. So its very important that you should read this dua with bottom of your heart. Islamic dua for love back will helps you to bring back your lost love if you have a strong faith in this. Dua is a genuine way to bring our true lover back in ur life.

True love is an awesome experince and everyone need true love from their boyfriend or girlfriend. But almost people can not be successful to maintain that true love. So its very important o maintain that true and real love all the time in a relationship of love. So much people complains that their lover did not love them like before and there was so much dispute in their relationship. Islamic dua for lover back will make much love in both of you. After perform that dua you can feel that this dua gives a positive turn in your relationship. Because dua have the powers of allah’s blessings. Dua is the way to send a direct message to allah. With help of this islamic dua you will defenatly get your love back.

Lost Love Back Dua

Dua for get back lost love is a good islamic way to get back true lover. No matter if you broke up with, a big dispute or now she or he did not want to see your face. And you have fear in your heart that he will reject you, or she will don’t love you more. So now you should not focus on these things you should just focus on this powerful dua for get back lost love. Your every relationship problems will be end by this dua. Not only old generation, a big part of new generation also get very effective result from this dua. There are so many duas and wazifas on internet but they won’t give result. But from the dua that we give you from the quranic way it’s a tested dua.

So many people get their lost love back from this helpful dua. People who was very sad and in a big tension because of love problem. Fall in love with someone and get the true love from someone is the best gifts from allah so did not waste them. You are lucky if you have a real and true love and be thankful to allah. If you have a wonderful and true lover in your past but he or she is not with you. Do not worrey. Just keep faith in allah taalah and do dua for get back lost love. You will get a permanent success to bring that person back in your life

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Dua for Wife Love Back 4.96/5 (24)

Dua for Wife Love Back


Dua for wife love back here everyone want his wife to be a good women and a good partner of his life. and every man want his wife will lisen him and stay with him forever at the end of the life . every husband want that his wife understand him love him and give respect ot his husband but at the other side if a women is not responding good and she want to hear her at any cost and you firsrate with you wife and you want your wife totally in your control what ever you say she do that and never argue with you and lisen to you and understand you in which situation you are now so now you will get the dua for you wife love back.This dua for wife love back is very best dua around the world to be get control on your wife .

if you wife is ignoring you and she is living in his mother house and don’t want to live with you and you want your wife to come back to home if she left you and you want your wife to come back to your home and if she doesn’t care about you now that time is so much worst time on a husband and he only know the feeling or that how he can survive without her wife.first you have to ask to your wife why she is doing this type of thing and what she want now to come back again in my life.If you had done her all wishes come true and then also she say no she don’t want to come back in your life so that time you have to read this dua for wife love back and come back to home .

if you have no time you are busy in your work and your wife thinks that your are not giving her time and love as she needed from a husband and she is not seeing the love respect about you in your heart how much you have for her then it is better to give some time with you wife to be done the things naturally if the things are not changed then you can read this qurani dua for wife love back.

so no need to worry our molvi ji will give you the best and powerfull dua to bring your wife love back in few days for life time she is with you and she dont look at any men withour you and love you 3 times more

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Dua for Husband Love Back 5/5 (24)


Dua for Husband Love Back

Every Relationship has up and down in their life . A girl wishes to marry with a good boy because of that boy she leaves her house his parents and her earlier lifestyle totally changed after marriage. After marriage a girl give his full life to her husband but unfortunately
if some misunderstanding comes between husband and wife so they have to face the problems not to have a big fight.

dua for Husband to come back home

If your husband is broke up with you and he don’t take care of you and not loving you as earlier he loves you and he is just day by day making distance from you and he don’t want to talk to you anything he suddenly changed you think so no need to worry we have the powerfull dua to bring back your husband love back in few days with this powerfull dua for husband love back .
This dua will help you to come back your husband at home and pick you .if you and your husband had a big fight or miss understanding between you and you both are now separate and he didn’t miss you text you or call you. and you want your husband back in your life and he is not coming back to home and don’t want to stay with you that time when you need your husband most so no need to worry about that here we have some remedy to bring back your husband come back to home for doing his remedy and dua for husband back its take 2 days this is the most qurani halal pak way to come back your husband back in your life and love you so much as a good husband stay with his wife.

This dua for husband love back is so much powerfull and used by many peoples around the world. They get their husband love back by this dua if you are facing some problems like that then you should read this dua for husband love back and insha allah you will get back your husband love in few days

Dua for Husband to stop affairs

If you Realize that day by day husband is changing and you realize that he is cheating you and your husband is talking with an another women and he is not taking good words to you so that time you think what you can do and you want to remove that girl from your husband life and want to your husband to be with you only and no other girls will come on your husband life. Your husband always love you and take care of your well and you both life a good life with each other but if your husband has some extra material affair with some other girl / women so that time you contact us we will provide you the best dua to stop your husband affair

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